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St Paul’s Cathedral

Great wet weather option

Easy with buggy


Central London / step-free access from Bank

Getting there / tickets / vital info

Capital tots thoughts:

St. Paul’s Cathedral is surprisingly good with little ones, although I have a personal bias towards religious buildings. Outside on the steps you can recreate the Mary Poppins “feed the birds” scene and MLA loved climbing up and down the steps while I sat and had a coffee.

Unless you’re unlucky St. Paul’s never feels overly busy, particularly if you go earlier in the day and avoid lunchtime (during the week).

The area in front of the Cathedral is large enough for running around and mainly pedestrianized and the gardens at the back are serene and shady. The Cathedral itself is welcoming and while I didn’t find anything child-specific, MLA was happy to just explore. Of course it’s a grown-up building but it is cavernous and beautiful and if you are lucky there will be some organ music playing to drown out un-church-like toddler noises.


If the weather is nice then probably the best thing to do is get a sandwich from M&S which is to the right of St. Paul’s as you’re coming down the steps and sit in the garden behind the Cathedral which has room to run around if it’s not too busy.

Lunch time in the City is usually pretty busy so not particularly fun with a child, so try and eat before or after the lunch time rush (12 – 2pm) if you’re trying to eat inside somewhere. Try the St. Paul’s Café which has seasonal food and delicious cakes or just outside St. Paul’s – down the steps and turn left there’s a Strada which is good for pasta/pizza etc and pretty child friendly.

Make a day of it by:

Walking across Millennium Bridge which spans the Thames (great fun for toddlers because they count all the boats) from St. Paul’s (about 15 minutes) to the Tate Modern.  

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