Capital tots

Adventures and days out for babies, toddlers and children in and around London - the greatest City on earth

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St Paul’s Cathedral

Magisterial Cathedral in the heart of London - beautiful architecture and room for toddlers to run and babies to crawl around inside and out…find out more.

The London Eye

Awe-inspiring views of London which may well amaze your toddler but be prepared to queue…find out more.

London Eye Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Pigeons, fountains, classic photo opportunities and crowds - not for toddlers who like to run around and lose Mummy and Daddy…find out more.

Tower of London British Museum

Tower of London

Great for history buffs and toddlers who enjoy climbing but not especially buggy friendly…find out more.

British Museum

Not especially geared toward children but fun nonetheless and lots of room for toddlers to run around and babies to crawl inside and out…find out more.

Photo © Trustees of the British Museum

National Gallery

The National Gallery

The UK’s most important art collection - beautiful paintings but this is one for older children…find out more.

Photos © National Gallery, London

The Classics

London classics you feel your really ought to have taken your children to see, even if afterwards you need a stiff drink

The Tate Modern

London’s premier modern art gallery which is surprisingly child-friendly if you can get away from the crowds…find out more.