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The British Museum

OK with buggy

Great wet weather option


Step-free access from Euston Square / Central London

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Capital tots thoughts:

Huge and awe-inspiring with a busy but loud café. The British Museum isn’t targeted at children but nonetheless there’s lots of things which make it a decent wet-weather option with little ones.

My advice is to choose a small area or even just one or two things to show your children – there’s bound to be something whether it’s an Egyptian Mummy, the Elgin Marbles or a miniature mountain which will fire their imaginations even if they don’t have a full appreciation of what exactly it is they’re looking at. It’s also big and noisy with loads of tour groups and very buggy friendly so you don’t feel like you’re annoying other people just by being there.


Decent noisy cafe with a large area outside for picnics.

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Photos: Trustees of the British Museum