Capital tots

Adventures and days out for babies, toddlers and children in and around London - the greatest City on earth

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London is the most amazing place either to have young children or to visit with them and “Capital tots” is all about adventures you can have in and around this incredible city. I hope this website will go some way towards showing that one of the world’s greatest cities can be wonderful for little ones too.

I started this website partly because I thought it would be lovely to have a record of my son’s early travels and also because I thought other families might be benefit from my knowledge.

I try and do at least one day trip a month out of London with my little angel, because I love the countryside, especially the sea and want him to grow up with a love of it too - we have some fantastic places to visit on our door step and I hope Capital tots will inspire you to visit them.


Susanna xxx


I would love to hear what you think about the site and also to add to it with your suggestions so please do feel free to add your own review/comments/suggestions - thanks!

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